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Face & Beard

"I created this formula for myself; it took me four years to perfect. Why make my own? Because I tried many different brands and none of them were good enough. It seemed as though the products were made simply for the trend of the beard with no integrity.


The difference? We use only premium ingredients What else? The single most important ingredient in our products: BLACK SEED oil; used in skincare and holistically for literally thousands of years. It's anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, it speeds  up cell regeneration, contains anti cancer benefits, is anti aging, promotes hair growth...the list goes on.  So you see, I didn't stop at a mere 'Beard Oil' when I could create something magnificent. It does all this plus moisturizes and works beautifully to prevent razor bumps.

Nectar Face & Beard is hands down the best product on the market...bona fide. I want to share it with you."

_ Eric